Chocolate Pudding Pie, Gluten Free

gluten free chocolate pudding pie

It begins with shiny red shoes and ends with pie.  The years I spent on the floor in the kitchen watching my mother bake and learning how to roll strudel dough or make poppy seed cookies is almost second to coveting her red shoes. Mesmerized, I was convinced that all red shiny shoes would smell like freshly baked cookies.   I can recall that moment years later as a young teen, long after my mom was gone, when I was shoe shopping and saw a pair of shiny red shoes and smelled them expecting the aroma of apple pie or freshly baked cookies to waft forth.  Sadly, reality bites.

While I can close my eyes and see my mom rolling out strudel dough, and carefully slicing Mandelbrot, or forming poppy seed cookies into even little balls, I can barely see the image of her rolling out pie crusts.   I know there was a  pastry cloth and a ratty old rolling pin with red handles, the paint long weathered from years of pie making.  Feeling the flour snowing down all around me on the flour while she rolled the crust, I still can see the unfinished edges hanging from the little metal pie tins, ready for filling.

And this is where the image fades like an old grainy film.  I don’t remember at all what went into those pies.  My brothers tell me that apple was the most popular, followed by cherry and then chocolate pudding.  I’ve been baking apple pies since I was old enough to have custody of a rolling pin, and I am sure in part I am following how my mother prepared the pie, but it is a memory that just won’t form into a clear picture.  But it doesn’t matter.

Even if I didn’t like pie all that much back then, I do now.  I’ve more than made up for my pie quotient since those days.  We love apple pie more than any other.  Following that, there is always the lemon loving pie in-law influence which tilted me toward the lemon custard and meringue versions.   Following that, someone around here covets cherry (not me) and another one of us loves chocolate (guess).

We recently indulged in a little chocolate pudding, almost ganache pie with a bit of whipped cream and topped with my ever favorite, but secret fetish – chocolate jimmies.  If I was serving the pie to company I would get out the peeler and make some pretty chocolate shavings, but if I am alone, I will pile on those little jimmies.

It is a gluten-free treat from start to finish.  I ease up on the work by purchasing a Whole Foods Gluten Free Pie Crust from their freezer and pre-bake it.  You can use whatever pie crust makes you happy.

The chocolate pie filling is from Smitten Kitchen and changed slightly.  We use less cornstarch and unsweetened chocolate instead of bittersweet (which we didn’t have on hand at the time).  Either way, it makes a great pie.

For authentic “red shoe” chocolate pudding pie like my mom’s 1950’s version, get some Jell-O pudding mix and use that (make sure it is gluten-free though).

Top with whipped cream and shaved chocolate or, er, jimmies.


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