Baking Wreck: Gluten Free Ginger Pear Upside Down Cake

For every goody that makes it to the blog – recipe stage with a pretty little photo, there is a train wreck of casualties lined up behind it.  No recipe ever gets to the blog without repetition and plenty of upgrades along the way.   I thought you might enjoy some of the wrecks – kind of like a look into why I drink an awful lot some days (yes, kidding, sort of).

No one ever gets to gluten free pastry perfection  without a boat-load of trial and errors.  Some of those errors are worthy of eating and others more likely to be bulldozed into the trash.  I’ve wasted my share of doughs, pounds of butter, eggs, and flours.  Baking gluten free is not without its moments of humor.  The flours, even if you know a lot of information about their properties, will still work in mysterious ways and sometimes just a little twist of how the ingredients are mixed makes all the difference in success or um, hideous baking wrecks.

I bring you the upside down cake.  I thought it would über spiffy to use up some very ripe pears by inventing a gluten free ginger-pear upside down thingy in a bundt pan.  How hard could that be?

It smelled divine and looked normal until I popped it out of the pan.  A thud was heard, which is never a good sound for a cake, and then a heave-ho whoosh where the cake melted over its sides, literally, into a heap.  See photo evidence.

The pear mixture was tasty – the cake way too dry and disgusting.  After we scraped off the cake from the pear part, we used spoons to eat the stuff right from the cake plate standing in the kitchen.  No one had the heart to scoop it into bowls because then it would signify a real dessert, which this was not.

This ginger-pear thingy gets a big fat zero, never to be thought of or made again – in any fashion.  Utter baking wreck in the extreme!

By the way, no chocolate was wasted or harmed in this mess.


One response to “Baking Wreck: Gluten Free Ginger Pear Upside Down Cake

  1. I don’t know Lisa. I’d eat it. Your wrecks look better than my baking successes. I’m glad to know that even a talented gluten-free baker like yourself still has creations that flop. Thanks for the giggle!

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