Love The Dog You’re With: Apple Oat Molasses Cookies

Since the day is about love, it would be nice to remember those that provide the actual unconditional love and gift them with something tasty and easy to make.

Lulu and Phoebe make my life better not only because they provide hours of amusement and companionship, but because they remind me of why the little things should count the most.  Who hasn’t arrived home from the mailbox (one minute away) or work (more hours than is reasonable) only to be greeted exactly like you are a rock star.  Tails wagging, or in L&P’s case, rear ends wiggling, and kisses let you know how much they appreciate your arrival home.  A rocking party.

On Valentine’s Day honor them with more smooches and treats than ordinary and make these quick cookies.  The only time-consuming part is the baking since you want them to get pretty dry.  Homemade hearty apple, coconut, molasses treats for your best pal pretty much smell like love in a cookie.

Apple Molasses Cinnamon Hearts for the Pups

  • 5 oz of cooked oats (I like steel cut)
  • 5 oz grated apple (food processor and 1 medium apple)
  • large pinch of cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon molasses
  • 1/2 cup or 3 oz. coconut flour or other gluten free flour (dogs and wheat = no good)
  • 1 cup or about 5 oz white rice flour
  • 1 egg

Preheat oven to 350.  Line a baking sheet with parchment or a silpat.

Grate or grind the apple (cored) in a small food processor, add the cooked oats and molasses.  Pulse until mostly smooth.  In a bowl, add the oat mixture, an egg, the cinnamon and the flours and mix.  Add more flour if needed to get to a texture where you can roll the dough.

Pop the dough onto the parchment or silpat and cover with plastic wrap or parchment of equal size.  Roll until fairly thin and it is the size of the silpat.  Cut out little hearts or other shapes.  Or using a pizza cutter, gently score into small cookies (think wheat thin size) and score with a fork.

Place in oven and turn heat to 325.  Bake about 20 minutes and rotate pan.  Bake about 15 minutes more or until crispy and dry.  Cool.  And watch the love when you feed them to your pal.

Happy woof-alicious Valentine’s Day!


12 responses to “Love The Dog You’re With: Apple Oat Molasses Cookies

  1. Jack wants to know if you deliver.

  2. I will definitely make these for my boys!
    I love how you have L&P posing with those. My dogs would have attacked them and ate them before I could click.

  3. Bailey says, “Nomnomnomnomnom…”

    I love that top photo of Phoebe (or is it Lulu?) Too cute!

  4. Hi Lis – it’s Phoebe. She took one cookie when invited – dainty like. so funny!

  5. These look good! I’ll have to make them soon. I did make your ginger banana dog cookies and my dog loves them and so do I. The dough however was very soft and no matter how much rice flour I kept adding the dough wouldn’t stiffen. I didn’t use coconut flour because I couldn’t find any – just white and brown flour and sorghum flour. Any idea why the dough was soft? I baked them anyway and they hardened in the oven. They look perfect now.

  6. Hi Joanne – Coconut flour absorbs liquid like crazy, way more than rice flours so that may be part of the problem. What I might recommend is next time, cut back to 1/3 cup of oil and under measure the molasses, honey and Greek yogurt (regular yogurt is too thin). I’d also refrigerate the dough – first flatten into a disk and wrap in plastic. Before I roll out really sticky dough (as gluten free doughs can be sometimes) I refrigerate it. Then I roll it directly on the silpat or parchment that I will then just slide onto the baking sheet – that way I don’t have to move sticky cut-out dough. I also cover the top with plastic wrap or parchment and then roll – keeps it from sticking to the rolling pin. If it gets warm I refrigerate the thing on a cookie sheet until it is stiff enough again.

    Another easy thing to do is to not bother with the cookie cutting and use a pizza wheel to score the dough once rolled out, and a use a fork to poke holes (like graham crackers). Cut them into the right cookie size for your dog – Lulu and Phoebe would need tiny cookies, but a Lab would need larger.

    I’ve had doughs that are perfect one time and then too sticky another time. Could be the moisture content of the flours, the banana size, the yogurt or even the temp outside/inside.

    Glad to know your dog loved them. Lulu and Phoebe do too. Thanks for coming by!

  7. Thanks for the recipe, sounds delish!
    LOVE the pics, L&P are just too cute for words.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you & your girls ♥

  8. These look great! My puppies – Jack and Rocky – would love them. Your photos are great! Lulu and Phoebe are so well-behaved for you. They melt my heart. (Of course, I do have a soft spot for Bostons – had two growing up)

  9. I am going to be making these, your adorable Bostonians caught my eye, I have a little girl Boston who is the absolute love of my life! Great recipe!

  10. Sharon Dienstbier Conser

    Dear Lisa & Clan~ I’m not an avid Gluten-Free baker, but THIS recipe(s) has motivated my desire to bake cookies for my PupPets: Obiwan (a Bedlington Terrier) and Mickey Mo’ (a Lakeland Terrier). Those little love bandits captured my heart and like Gertrudis (the red haired sister) in For Water Like Chocolate, I don’t want to be freed from captivity! I think YOUR Gluten-Free BLOG is the absolute epitome…and yesterday~ I finally built my own blog called “Noah’s Table” (Noah’s Table ~JOYFUL Meals from Ancient Natural Gluten-Free Foods) ~ Ta Da: !!! Oh-h-h, yes, several times over the months of reading “to enjoy” your blog I’ve come to pretend you are my favorite cousin (despite not being motivated to “Just DO IT” & follow your recipe to make something wonderful). I bet others feel the same way I do and can imagine being a kid laying in the unmowed grass and watched the clouds roll with you—as you seem to be “the perfect cousin/sister/friend. God bless you, your Captain America/oops Awesome, and of course Lulu and Phoebe. Have a wonderful Spring! Namaste, Sharon —P.S. I posted this recipe on my Facebook for all my friends to see :o)

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