Baking Wreck: The GF Croissant that Wasn’t

Photobucket19 hours of labor later

They look quite like about-to-be croissants in this photo.

Those three in the back were set to become little pain au chocolat.  It took over 19 hours to make them that pretty.  First there was the top dog secret dough prep by Captain Awesome.  Then came the chilling, then the folding, then the chilling.  That included making sure the marble board was ice cold for each turning so the result is a zillion layers folded in loaded with good unsalted butter.  They were left to rise, slowly overnight, ready to bake in the wee hours of the morning.

Captain Awesome is on a mission to create a gluten free puff pastry and croissant that reminds him of Paris.  These little pastries came out of the oven looking like perfect little gluten free imitations of a French croissant.  Small, crispy, flaky on the outside and the smell would have made you swoon with lust.  For croissants, that is.

Cue the napkin lined basket, the gourmet (read: ridiculously priced) jam and unsalted butter cut into cubes in a pretty little dish.  Pulling apart the croissant, it had the right feel.  The entire place was filled with the perfume of freshly baked croissant.

And then the moment of truth.  That first bite where it does a little crunch on the outer layer and a soft fluffy pull on the inside.  The jam hits you first and then….what?!

What was that?  Chrome?  No, wait.  Rice paper, scissors?  Who stuck a gerbil inside my croissant?  Really.  It tasted like a thimble filled with car bumper scrapings, pet gerbil, and a tiny bit of glue, as in paste.

Goes to show.  Cannot ever trust a book pastry by its cover.  It looked perfect.  It smelled divine and it had the feel.  Just not the flavor.  At all.

Croissant fail.   Sadly, they’ve been memorialized to pieces and the appropriate post-mortem has been conducted.

Yet, they looked so pretty.

The good news?  The expensive jam was fabulous.

Back to the drawing board.  We will persevere.  We will absolutely produce a GF croissant that tastes as close as possible to the real thing.


Someday really soon.



6 responses to “Baking Wreck: The GF Croissant that Wasn’t

  1. Thats so sad. i am teary eyed thinking about it.
    You are brave to carry on.

  2. But they’re so PRETTY! Tragic…

  3. They look beautiful! Too bad the taste wasn’t what you hoped for!

  4. This has been on our R&D list for a long time too. I’m excited to see other bakers attempt it. Yours certainly looked promising! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

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