Happy Birthday, Lisa Kern

There are Federal holidays, actual holidays, and Valentine’s Day.  And then there is this other date (March 28) that really ought to be declared a holiday.  It’s the birthday of Lisa Kern, humor writer extraordinaire.

She spins delightful and hilariously amusing tales about the funny side of family life – parenting three boys and being married for just about 42 centuries. She makes all those day-to-day experiences seem delightful and touching.

Having Lisa in my life is a gift.  And today on her birthday, I wanted to make a cake that she could enjoy that is not only gluten-free, but calorie free.

And since we live on opposite edges of our continent, it will have to suffice as a virtual cake (totally calorie free).  I will happily eat a slice for her.  And sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles in her honor.

Lisa adores custard filled cream puffs covered in gooey chocolate, so I made her some this weekend, gluten-free.  They are amazingly good and I wish she could share one with me, but sending it cross-continent might be risky business.

If you do one thing today, you must go here and read one or two of her hilarious (or poignant) posts about family life in the Kern world.  You will be glad you did.  This one is my favorite.

Happy birthday, Lisa Kern.  Here’s to many more!

(p.s. – I haven’t forgotten – recipe coming!)


9 responses to “Happy Birthday, Lisa Kern

  1. Awesome birthday party, L2D!!! And Happiest of Birthdays to L1D!!!

    smooooooooooooches to both of ya!

  2. Lisa! You made me cream puffs! You are such a good friend and a constant blessing in my life. Thank you SO MUCH.

  3. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Lisa K.!!!!!! Watch out for that virtual cake – last year, I hyperventilated trying to blow out the virtual candles.

  4. What a treat…Happy Birthday Lisa. A day of cheer all around. Thanks for making this special birthday post.

  5. Gluten free cream puffs just may make my life complete! Now if it could be sugar free, that indeed would be heaven!

  6. I envy all of you blog writers! You have such a marvelous way of painting word pictures! And I have always been able to visualize what I read. Horrors, no, terror!, when I was ‘into’ vampires and werewolves when I was younger!

    I get so lost in reading when I follow links like you have in this post! I really must get back to work, but thank you for putting a bright spot in my day! ❤

  7. How lovely!

    Happy Birthday Lisa!

  8. I can’t wait for this recipe! These are my favorite and I haven’t had them in years due to being GF! 🙂

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