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Crunchy Carrot Cookies for the Pups


really? not yet? really?

Lulu and Phoebe would sample their way through the  Farmer’s Market if they could successfully disguise themselves in couture and sunglasses while carrying little market baskets – but sadly, those missing opposable thumbs get them in trouble every time.

Next to croissants (in Paris) and very stinky cheese, Lulu and Phoebe love cookies, vegetables and fruit.  In Paris, 3PM was their favorite time of day for a walk – the sidewalk buffet (as we affectionately named it) called to them.  Parisians had no problem dropping food everywhere during their harried day and the men in green (another story) had not yet showed up to clean the streets.  Our cobblestone Rue behind Lafayette Gourmet had the best smörgåsbord and that is where they learned to especially love all things market fresh and slightly bruised – fruit, veggies, and steamed stinky cheeses.

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Cheesy Peanut Butter Banana Cookies, Hold the Bacon

Today’s specials?  Sure (snort), why not.

While you could eat one, these cookies are for the pups.

I recently sent out a query for puppy cookie flavors on Tweet and got back a few replies: bacon, cheese, and peanut butter.  I didn’t have bacon available, so I substituted banana instead.  Doesn’t everyone? Continue reading

Ask Essie: In the GF Canteen – My Favorite Things?

Carla asks: what  products do you like to use to bake gluten-free?

I thought you guys would never ask!

First – this caveat.  This would not be an official endorsement for any of these products other than I think they are swell and I use them all the time – and I can call them my favorites.  No one pays me to use this stuff, nor do they send me free things.  I’ve found them on my own through lots of trial and copious amounts of error. Continue reading

Love The Dog You’re With: Apple Oat Molasses Cookies

Since the day is about love, it would be nice to remember those that provide the actual unconditional love and gift them with something tasty and easy to make.

Lulu and Phoebe make my life better not only because they provide hours of amusement and companionship, but because they remind me of why the little things should count the most.  Who hasn’t arrived home from the mailbox (one minute away) or work (more hours than is reasonable) only to be greeted exactly like you are a rock star.  Tails wagging, or in L&P’s case, rear ends wiggling, and kisses let you know how much they appreciate your arrival home.  A rocking party. Continue reading

Ginger Banana Gluten Free Dog Cookies

Lulu and Phoebe signature cookies:  Mine and Mine

Last summer, my answer to our unexpected and ridiculously long stretch of unemployment was to spend hours in the kitchen using baking therapy to work out those frustrations.  I’d baked all our old favorites at least twice, pounded dough, chopped until the cutting board looks like a sacrificial lamb, and started working on new recipes.

My constant kitchen companions, Lulu and Phoebe stood quietly by just in case help was needed sweeping up stuff from the floor, taste testing or waiting to bark in case Timmy falls in the well.

I’d just finished baking some really fine triple ginger (gluten free) cookies for humans, when I looked up and noticed that both dogs were blowing bubbles; some serious drooling was going on.

Ginger-three-ways was apparently the holy grail of the doggy palate.  I’ve seen them get enormously excited when I dropped things on the floor, but they had not yet been soaked with drool in advance of things dropping.  Who knew that it would be all about ginger? Continue reading