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Canteen Almond Mandelbrot, GF/DF

My introduction to baking began as a toddler when I was scooting around on the floor in my mother’s kitchen.  She usually wore cherry red shoes that were always dusted with flour.   I followed those shoes around the room, and like any savvy small fry, knew where the good crumbs landed when she was baking.

As I grew (read: ridiculously tall child) and could reach the counter, she began to teach me how she baked.  There were no real recipes, just a tutorial handed down from her grandmother, to her mother, to her and then to me. Continue reading


Lemon Snickerfools, GF

I ate my first Snickerdoodle when I was a small kid.   It was missing something – probably, chocolate.  And all these years later I still think Snickerdoodles are boring and I still don’t like them much.

The cream of tartar flavor is like eating tooth filling material.  And cinnamon/sugar belongs on toast, I think.  But yet I’ve always been attracted to them for some unexplainable reason.  I really want to like them. Continue reading

GF Ratio Rally: Bisconies, Actually

This month’s GF Ratio Rally is brought to you by the little treat called Scone.  Our host is Lauren of Celiac Teen.  Please visit the other GF Ratio Rally participants listed at the end of this post to enjoy a whirlwind tour of some great GF scone recipes using Ratio baking.  For my account of scone-ville, read on.

Once upon a time, I didn’t know much about scones.  In our universe, breakfast pastry was called cheese Danish.  But one day, thanks to Julia Child and PBS, that all changed. Continue reading

Chocolate Orange Pavlova Bowls

If perky (and talented) Ina Garten had a doppelgänger who was taller, blonder and Swedish, that would be my sister-in-law.  Nancy could bake an 8-tiered cake complete with tiny sugar roses in the middle of a blizzard without power and still have it come out looking like perfection.  She would make it look easy. Continue reading