Welcome to the Canteen!

For almost ten years we’ve been baking (and cooking) gluten free, but never taste free.  We use local ingredients when we can.  We like organic when we can.  And we like to shop at Safeway when we can because it is a short walk.  We stroll through the weekend Farmer’s Market and buy what looks tasty.  We try to buy ingredients that are in season, but once in a while, in the middle of winter I might want a raspberry.

In this blog you will find all kinds of information to help you bake gluten free treats that are worthy of your time.  Look on the top of the sidebar and click on the topics listed for the latest.

We have quick and easy recipes (Fast & Easy Gluten Free).  We also have some recipes that take time but are worth it (Got Time? Worth the Whisk!).

And to answer all your kitchen and baking questions, there is Essie (Ask Essie), my imaginary friend – actually a nickname that a foreign exchange student in high school gave me when he could not remember my name.

There is a section all about Lulu & Phoebe (Lulu & Phoebe), the adorable itty bitty Boston Terriers who rule the homestead.  We cook food and treats for them, also gluten free.

There is a section that includes the crazy family stories that some of you love – hanging out in the kitchen with my mother and her red shoes.

And the most beloved section of the blog- baking wrecks (Baking Wrecks).  For every decent outcome that I publish with pretty photos, there is a traffic jam of incompetents lined up behind it that I either eat in the privacy of the kitchen, or toss in the garbage.  I am hoping that sometime soon my favorite flour providers start to feel sorry for me with all this testing and start to send care packages.

Eat gluten free on a budget and because I want you to find the majority of your ingredients at your local Safeway, I hope they are listening.  I know our local Safeway is paying attention because the amount of GF items has increased substantially over the past two years.  Thank you, Safeway.

Leave comments, ask questions, invite your friends and above all else, eat hearty.  And as always, thank you for stopping by.  I love the company.